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Two-Way Texting

There’s one thing in common between communication and a mission to space: they’re both better when they’re not one way. With Message Launch, you can open lines of communication within the US by not only sending messages, but also hearing back from them at their own convenience with two-way texting.


But you don’t want to use your personal mobile phone to text. That would mean annoying interruptions while you’re trying to work and worse, bringing your work home. With Message Launch’s two-way text software, you get a dedicated toll-free number for your organization.

Why Two-Way Texting?

Text messages get responded to 60x faster than email

Texts have a response rate 7.5x higher than email

78% of people want to text businesses, rather than risk being put on hold or having their emails go unread

The Message Launch Advantage

Familiar Format

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. If you are familiar with a web based email, using our software for two way texting will be a breeze.

Threaded Conversations

All two way conversations are stored in your inbox, so you can refer to them later or give leadership oversight.

Multiple Conversations

Rather than being glued to a single phone conversation, simultaneously conduct multiple two way text conversations.

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