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Appointment Reminder Text

Appointment reminders are text messages that can automatically be sent to customers in order to remind them of an appointment or event. With Message Launch, businesses can send highly targeted and relevant messages to their customers, automatically. This will save your staff time and money, and your customers will appreciate your business more for making their experience more streamlined and approachable.

Message Launch's Appointment Reminder Advantage

Our system goes beyond simple appointment reminders by giving you advanced functionality so you can send better reminders.

Multi-Channel Reminders

Whether it’s for an office appointment or an important deadline, Message Launch’s email and text appointment reminders make it easy to cut down on missed appointments. You simply set the date and time and we’ll take care of the rest!


Automated Data Capture

Targeting is only as accurate as the data you collect. Our system enables you to ask questions and capture the responses instantly as you have conversations with your contacts. All data is automatically stored in your database, eliminating the need for manual entry.


Schedule Messages Easily

Scheduling a text message is simple if you have a texting service like Message Launch . You simply compose your message, choose your audience, and schedule when you want the messages to go out. This saves your time because you don't have to sit idly while you wait for the perfect time to send messages to your customers.


Two Way Texting 

Don’t just stop at sending an appointment reminder. Answer questions and provide more details with two-way texting. This is perfect for rescheduling or making sure your customers know what they need to bring for an appointment.

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