Data Capture & Targeting

Message Launch’s targeting goes beyond the competition by letting you sort contacts into separate distribution groups based on criteria you collect in real-time, like customer characteristics, specific interests, and their behavior. Unlike other services which just blast messages out, our automated targeting saves you from damaging your customer relationships or branding by only sending the most relevant information.

The Message Launch Advantage

Automated Data Capture

Targeting is only as accurate as the data you collect. Our system enables you to ask questions and capture the responses instantly as you have conversations with your contacts. All data is automatically stored in your database, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Make Custom Lists

Our system can filter subscribers based on your collected data such as interests (e.g., what products they’re interested in), characteristics (e.g., location), and behavior (e.g., whether they clicked a link).

Minimize Opt-Outs

Nothing is more damaging to your brand image and gets contacts to unsubscribe faster than receiving irrelevant messages.

Industry Examples


Filter customers based on the products they most regularly shop for.


Only send invites to events that the contact would actually be interested in attending.


Collect which service or ministry each member of your congregation is interested in so you can send targeted messages. That way, you’re not bombarding messages to a new visitor who wants to stay silent.

Real Estate

Find out what type of home each client is looking for such as size and price, so you don’t send a listing for a new $800,000, 5-bedroom home to someone who’s just looking for a condo.


Sort guests based on the season or service they frequent.

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