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How to Create a Keyword


Hover over Collect and click Keyword and Online Sign-Up Tools


Click Create



Keyword: this is the keyword that your subscribers will be texting to your toll-free number. Keywords have to be a minimum of four (4) characters, can be alphanumeric, and are not case sensitive.



Opt-In Methods:

Single Opt-In - Subscribers are automatically added to your list when they text your keyword.


Double Opt-In - Subscribers will receive a confirmation message prior to being added to your database.



Distribution List: Select or create a list your subscribers will be added to when they opt-in.



SMS Header: Select an organization name to act as your SMS Header to let your subscribers know who the message is coming from.



Auto-Response: Create the message your subscribers will receive when they opt-in.



Age Restriction: The minimum age is 13, however if your target age group is older, feel free to put that age in this box.


Under Additional Options you will see several optional settings you can enable for your keyword.

Salesforce Integration: If you have a Salesforce account connected to your MessageLaunch account, you can enable this option to create a new lead in Salesforce whenever someone texts in your keyword.

Keyword Followed By A Message: Subscribers can text in your keyword followed by a message to your toll-free number. This message will end up in your Inbox.

Example: If a radio station sets up the keyword RADIO for song requests, audience members can text: RADIO JINGLE BELLS to 76000. The response 'JINGLE BELLS' will be sent to your Inbox.

Data Capture: Enabling data capture allows you to ask and then collect further information from your subscribers, such as first name, last name, email address, or any custom data fields you create.

Follow-Up Auto-Response: Enabling this feature allows you to send up to 10 additional messages to subscribers that text your keyword.

Send Auto-Response: This setting controls when your auto-response will be sent.

Every Time - Choose this setting if you want your keyword auto-response to go out every time, even if the subscriber texts the keyword multiple times.

Only Once Per Mobile Number - Choose this setting if you want your keyword auto-response to only go out one time, regardless of how many times your subscribers text your keyword.

Only Once Every… - Choose this setting if you want to limit the time period of when your keyword auto-response gets sent out. 

Alternate Auto-Response: An alternate auto-response delivers a new message to subscribers that have already texted your keyword.

Notification: Enable this setting if you wish to receive text or email notifications whenever a subscriber texts your keyword. You can have up to 15 mobile numbers and 15 email addresses.


Scroll down and click Create

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