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Mobile Keywords

It all starts with mobile keywords, which are short words or phrases that a contact can text to your number. When they do, their phone number is automatically captured and stored in your database.


But that’s not all they do. Message Launch’s Mobile Keywords do more than just collecting phone numbers. Ours can automatically initiate a number of actions including sending a link, a coupon, or a simple welcome message, making it a great launch point for your campaigns.


Data Capture

Gather more information from your subscribers after they text your mobile keywords by asking questions and automatically capturing their responses into your database. You can then use this data to target your messages.


Drip Campaigns

Send messages at specific time intervals like a day, week, and month after the subscriber opts in. 


Track Customer Interactions

Automatically send a link to your webpage to anyone who texts your mobile keyword. From there, you can automatically track who clicks it and who doesn’t, so you can send confirmation messages, reminders to click, and more targeted offers later.

Launch Your 14-Day Free Trial

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