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SMS Survey

SMS Surveys are questionnaires sent via text messaging in order to get feedback from your subscribers. SMS surveys are particularly effective because they are read and responded to far more than email or paper surveys.


SMS Surveys enable your business to ask questions of your customers and monitor responses so you can make improvements to your service quickly. If you disclose that you are doing so, you can also capture customer data like names or contact details so you can send them offers and drive more business.

Message Launch's SMS Survey Advantage

With Message Launch, businesses can get valuable feedback and capture data from their subscribers. This will give you the information needed to better target your customers and improve customer satisfaction.


Automated Data Capture

In order to target your messages, you need to have accurate data. With our SMS surveys you can ask questions and log responses automatically. These get stored in your database, saving you from manual data entry while giving you better targeting data.


Powerful Reporting

With our reports you can instantly see SMS survey responses as they come in. This lets you get a better idea of how your products or services are doing and what you can do to improve them.


Two Way Texting 

SMS surveys don't have to be a one-way interaction. You can also answer customer questions and send them more details with 2-way landline texting. This is great for helping your customer service team handle any issues quickly.

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