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Texting For Medical Offices

More and more medical offices are turning to text messaging because it allows them to send messages to their patients directly-- and they will read it in seconds! Message Launch is the most easy-to-use and cost-effective texting solution on the market, helping medical offices reach their patients quickly and effectively.


How Texting For Medical Offices Work

In order to message your patients, you need to get them to sign up for your texting program. With mobile keywords, you can collect opt-in mobile numbers automatically so your patients can sign themselves up to receive special promotions. This allows you to automatically grow your patient lists without having to manually enter information. You can also include an opt-in method on your forms. Plus you can promote your keywords through different channels like Facebook, Twitter, emails, and in your office.

*Due to HIPAA regulations, medical offices must be extra vigilant when texting patients.

Why Your Medical Office Needs Texting

Texting Gets More Results

98% of text messages are read, compared to just 22% of emails, meaning your text messages will reach your patients more often.


Texting is Fast 

90% of text messages are read within three minutes. This makes texting the most effective way to reach your customers and get more feedback.


Texting is Engaging 

Text messages have an engagement rate that is up to eight times higher than email, and customers respond to them far more often. 


Send Appointment Reminder

You can send periodic reminders for things like flu shots to make sure your patients know what services are available to them. With our multi-channel messaging you can also reach them through email, giving them the option of where to receive messages based on the channel they prefer.

Communicate with Staff 

Texting is perfect for sending staff messages with their shift information. You can also use Message Launch for things like filling a missed shift to make sure you are not short staffed. Texting is also the best way to spread policy updates or health information via links in your text messages. 

Message Launch’s Medical Office

Texting Advantages

Our system goes beyond simple texting by giving you advanced functionality so you can get better feedback from your patients, leading to better care and service.

Automated Data Capture

Targeting is only as accurate as the data you collect. Our automation enables you to ask questions and capture the responses instantly so that you can better target your messages. All data is automatically stored in your database, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Two Way Texting 

Don’t just stop at sending an SMS message to your patients. Answer questions and provide more details with two-way texting. This is perfect for getting more feedback or scheduling appointments.

Multi-channel Reminders

When a patient has an upcoming appointment, Message Launch’s can automatically send a reminder to cut down on no-shows and eliminate the headache of rescheduling. Just set the date and time and we’ll take care of the rest!

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