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Mass Texting

When you need a large number of people to read your message, nothing beats mass texting. But Message Launch does more than the blanket messaging that other providers offer by adding accurate targeting, which enables you to send only relevant employee notices, event invites, and promotions. Especially with mass text messages, the tolerance for spam messages is dramatically lower than with email, making the need to target your audience that much greater.

The Message Launch Advantage

Contact/Subscriber Filtering

Even when sending mass text messages to 100 subscribers at a time, you need to send to the right 100. Targeting lets you filter subscribers based on their interests and behavior, so you send only relevant messages, rather than a misaligned one that turns people off.

Mass SMS and Email

Cover 100% of your subscribers by honoring how they want to communicate with you. Our easy-to-use platform enables you to send both mass emails and/or SMS. You can also use them in conjunction, like sending an initial alerts through an attention-grabbing text, and then following up with more details in an email.

The Best Toll-Free Option

Our Toll-Free numbers’ speed blows the competition out of the water when it comes to mass texting, sending up to 150msgs/sec.

Mass Texting in Action

Mass Texting for Retail

Increase revenue by announcing a sale to all your customers.

Mass Texting for Clubs & Unions

Invite members to special events.

Mass Texting for Churches

Send members important reminders or updates about service times or program deadlines.

Mass Texting for Schools & Universities

Send critical alerts to students & faculty.

Mass Texting for Politics

Boost attendance at rallies with mass text invites and reminders.

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