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SMS Marketing Software

Target Your Customers With SMS Marketing

Texting grabs and reaches everybody. That’s why Message Launch offers SMS to blast off your organization. We add precision to your SMS Marketing Campaign by giving the ability to cater to your subscribers’ interests, sending only targeted messages.

Maximize Your SMS Campaign

Texting is the most effective form of communication for personal use because it’s immediate and grabs attention. Now, businesses are adopting it too for SMS marketing and internal communications. 

Message Launch’s SMS Marketing Software maximizes your reach and enable you to cater to your subscribers’ preferences.


Capture More,

Target Better

Quickly build your contact database and automatically capture more information than just a customer's name or phone number. This lets you target your mass text messages, so you don't send annoyingly irrelevant messages that make subscribers opt-out.

Your Own Dedicated Number

Unlike our competition, we don’t force you to share the same number as other users. With us, every account gets its own toll-free number for texting, rather than sharing one with hundreds of strangers. Plus, our high-throughput toll-free numbers’ speed blows the competition out of the galaxy!


Learn more about why having your own dedicated number is so astronomically important.



Contact Collection

  • Mobile Keywords

  • Online Signup Pages

Text Messaging

  • Auto Response

  • Mass Texting

  • 2 Way Texting

  • Appointment Reminders

  • SMS Coupons

  • Text-to-vote

  • Send from Phone

  • Text to Screen


  • Templates

  • Personalization


  • Data Capture

  • Targeting

  • Click Through Tracking

  • Drip Campaigns

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